I am honestly so happy to be such a beautiful, passionate mess of a person, as tormented as I may be right now. I don’t believe it now but I will find someone I will love even harder than I love you someday.

in my head we’re together. in my head the hounds aren’t howling, the rain isn’t pouring. the sky is clear and the stars and the moon are shining as hard as we are, glowing and alive and bathing in each other’s light. in my head we’re okay, in my head there’s a place where we’re always okay.

please come lay with me, shield me, make me forget. just for a moment. come home, let me unfold and lose myself in your light.
not strong enough right now, hiding in the folds of warm memories.

and I’ve stopped eating
and drinking
and smoking
and breathing
so I should be pure by now

quick but still beautiful shibari job I got done at a burn this past weekend

Bernard Faucon

spent the day soaking up the sunlight like a little flower 🌼