I hate you

I just found my foundation in my dad’s stuff… dad ur allowed to wear foundation just buy ur own don’t steal mine…

ever since the end of high school my mornings mainly consist of gossiping with old ladies down by the pool about the condo association and changing landscaping companies while I drink iced coffee out of a mason jar
it’s like a bad soap opera but it’s really nice in a way because their lives are so peaceful and they’re so content with the repeated drama and daily routine which I appreciate
also they all have superbly dyed hair in wonderfully bright colors

sunning my newly shaven scalp earlier today

*is lonely/depressed and needs drugs emoji*

fuck apathetic psychiatrists who dole out antidepressants and other meds like candy. I’m so disgusted by the complete lack of caring so many doctors put into their choices about prescribing medication. this stuff literally changes peoples’ brain chemistries and you stare at someone for under 15 minutes in your office and then throw them onto a plethora of new drugs? it’s so fucking wrong. your patients depend on you not to fuck their heads up even more, to actually try to help them. I just can’t believe how careless the whole field is at this point.

drinking my second bottle of wine and watching Palo Alto
this is my life

just experienced an unspeakably horrifying and gruesome night terror as a result of going off of a new antidepressant I was trying… I woke up on the verge of screaming and visibly shaken, terrified I would fall back asleep or wasn’t really awake… if you or anyone you know is on Viibryd, you should know that nightmares are a common side effect, and I’m not the only one who’s had an actual body-paralyzingly night terror after skipping a dose… really fucking shook me up. I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life.

apparently some “cute alternative-looking 25-year-old” applied to work where I do and considering there’s only 2 other employees who are middle-aged lets hope he’s actually cute and I can get that dick soon guys ok

man I’m so fucking furious right now at how badly someone has been treating me and instead of tearing them a new one I actually peacefully said goodbye to them and am now typing this out. wow. I’m so proud of myself.

people who expect you to be so supportive when they’re in a bad place yet completely ignore and dismiss you when you need someone to be there are absolutely my favorite type of people

hey guys awesome news!! I fought through my social anxiety enough to fill out a job application and I start work up the street at a pizza place tomorrow! I can start saving up money to move to Asheville and live my dream life in my dream town with my friends!!!