honestly just happy 4/20 isn’t on a school day so I don’t have to listen to people attempt to brag about how fucked up they are in class for 6 hours straight

having unnaturally colored hair actually makes me feel so much more self-confident and I love it. knowing that people I pass by in public are checking me out and judging my ‘do makes me feel like some insanely powerful rainbow goddess. *throws colorful glitter*

weaverofstars’ new bat tattoo!
ooh I’m a makeup less mess but check out dat pastel purple
added a ton of conditioner to the minuscule amount of purple dye I had and LOOK AT THE COLOR IT MADE

I go to a place only you and I know.

it’s in my head, it’s the stains on my sheets, it’s the smoke hanging above you and it’s the fabric on the seats in the car where the smoke is suspended. waiting for the windows to roll down so it can escape. but in this place, in this place time freezes. the windows never open. the sweat never finishes running down my neck. goosebumps on my skin and a glass bottle about to slam into the pavement.

you are the crumpled pack of cigarettes, thrown into the dust on the side of the road. I am the flower poking up through the cracks in the pavement. in this place we never know. I never realize. we are both flowers for now, fresh in bloom.

what should I add to fill the page?