starting tonight I’m gonna be posting amazing sky/landscape photos I scouted out on flickr instead of just re-blogging them, yay!!

sometimes I find myself getting down about the fact that I’m not really doing anything with my life but then I remember that the miserable shroud of capitalism is pulled over my eyes and manipulating my definition of success and I relax

hey, lovely followers, I care about you all and hope that you’re having a good morning. drink a full glass of water if you haven’t already, you’ll feel better and more awake. cook pancakes, it’s Saturday! the weather is perfect, go for a walk and take pictures of plants. you’ll be able to smell that delicious autumn-leaves-dying smell in the air, you know what I’m talking about. crisp and brisk. I just implore you to please take notice of the fact that you are alive today, and be happy for it.

anytime anyone asks me what I’m going to do with my life I just say “I’m going to be richer than god” and leave it at that

didn’t she like murder keith urban or whatever

*says I’m depressed instead of revealing my actual mental health diagnosis because depression is widely accepted and even romanticized but other mental illnesses are still ostracized and looked down upon*

my cat is sleeping on my lap with her chin and paws resting on my right arm and hand so I’m immobilized and whenever I try to move her she screeches at me for like a full loud minute

cats are such fucking babies

:( crying so hard because I’m so fucking tired of people beating down on me and making me feel like I’m a bad person because I’m mentally ill, it’s not my fucking fault, my own family will literally call me a bad person or say I need to stop being so [insert symptom of my illness] like fuck I feel so alone it’s not my fucking fault

my psychiatrist diagnosed me today and I wanted to fucking scream because of the way she presented her diagnosis, like she used expressions like “you’re a very sick person” and literally described my own life to me as “miserable” saying stuff to me like “if you choose to partake in treatment you can change yourself although there is no cure and live a less miserable life” it just really fucking embarrassed me and made me feel so ashamed to the point where I don’t even want to say what she diagnosed me with like she just made me feel so disgusting and like I’m a bad person or something fuck

im scared as hell of people who are my age but look like full grown adults and act like full grown adults (at least on the outside)

little kids screaming like animals in public while their young white mothers desperately plead with them in baby-speak whisper tones to “please be quiet baby, please Aiden” is my favorite form of comedy