gone to the mountain in my mind :)
actually just had an ex of mine insinuate that the fact that someone raped me is my fault because I “put myself in positions like that,” when I came to him upset because my own father called me a hoe after I explained what happened. disgusting fucking scum of the earth. rot in hell. tired of this shit.

:( I just want to cuddle a pretty girl as tiny as I am and share a joint while we play with each other’s hair……

decompression and reprieve in my room, museum of my heart, filled with books and dream-catchers, teacups and mountains of pillows, air thick with incense and candles and imperceptible heartbeats. reading and drinking amongst fluffy floral bedspreads and warmly glowing christmas lights. .. …. 

if you open your eyes, 
you can see that there is a sunrise-promise rising along our horizon-
the whispering of something dangerously beautiful
back to suburbia

what an ethereal, magical weekend full of art and love and music and fire. my soul feels cleansed and my heart feels opened up. beautiful people, mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers, thank you. thank you transformus

after hours spent at the hands of a stylist’s razor and a LOT of bleach, I’m absolutely in love with how my hair looks.

my self-confidence has been pretty low lately and I feel that this may be directly linked to the fact that I haven’t played dress-up and makeup artist and spent time blasting good music and taking hot selfies in a long time

brb pampering myself and stroking my ego

shout out to everyone whose parents either didn’t prepare them for or actually hindered them from being able to survive in the adult world!!!!

planning on spending my Sunday cleaning up, doing laundry, and preparing to pack everything up. moving from the condo to a cute little house with a lot more space and a nice alleyway-style backyard that I’m going to transform into one giant garden. the new house is super clean and surprisingly spacious and open for its size, and I can’t wait to move over.