had an amazing night hanging out with the same guy I hung out with last night :) he took me to his best friend’s house and we just sat on the back porch and drank this yummy seasonal ale and talked and then he brought me back to his place and we cuddled and messed around in bed. he’s honestly so sweet and cute and an A+ cuddler plus he’s adorable when he’s tired… I feel really lucky and happy.

last night was so perfect dude… it was my first time hanging out with this guy. he picked me up and brought me back to his place to watch a movie and I was honestly pretty nervous but we instantly clicked talking about music and festivals. he was so respectful and sweet and just cuddled me in bed and didn’t try anything, didn’t even try to kiss me back when I kissed him at first and just ran his fingers up and down my back and gently rubbed my arms while I laid on his chest… of course I ended up mauling his ass (I’m sorry but it’s impossible to resist the allure of a guy who isn’t actively TRYING to fuck you and is genuinely interested in just cuddling) and he was so surprised and it was so cute. and he was a damn good kisser. ugh okay that’s all. I’m happy.

holy hell I gotta stop texting distant exes at 5 in the morning
I just sent an ex-boyfriend I haven’t seen in like 2 years really overtly friendly texts like we haven’t been out of touch for that long
oh well I don’t care what they think of me anyways hahaha and hell I might get a pleasant response back

I love how my sheets smell all sweet and yummy from me sleeping in them
I love being a girl

I have such a strange face
thanks hospital I get the point

my dad won’t pay for my medication and I walked all the way to the drugstore to fill it myself but didn’t have enough money to foot the bill and this woman paid for it for me. she was like “just do something good for someone else one day.” I feel like crying, I’m so touched. she was obviously very sick and she has no idea how much she helped me. there was no other way for me to get that medication.

out of the hospital! I was having a severe panic attack on Friday, and my dad refused to drive me to the hospital, so I got a friend to drive me to the ER. while I was at the hospital, I received some amazing help and got my medication fixed. my dad kept trying to force me to sign myself out and is refusing to pay for my treatment or medication, although he makes $200,000 a fucking year. so now I have to work on saving up money so I can move out to a group home while I get on my feet and save for college. but yeah it was a very successful visit, very different from past experiences with mental health hospitals.

probably going to be in the hospital for awhile for some mental health related stuff so yeah. wish me luck